Take Alexa anywhere without a dot with Reverb AI

Use Alexa to turn any Android device into a fully automated home alarm system using Reverb AI

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  1. In Reverb it seems that the audioplayer got stuck at the second audio stream, while in echo dot it plays all the audio streams.

    I use alexa skill-sample-nodejs-audio-player download from github. There are 4 audio streams in the audioAsset. All the audio stream are played in echo dot device one by one. Then I test in Reverb and found it only played two audio streams and then got stuck.

    From the cloudwtach as attached, I found in the event “AudioPlayer.PlaybackNearlyFinished” in the second audio streams doesn’t work correctly, It didn’t respond the next audio stream url, instead it issue an “type”: “System.ExceptionEncountered”.

    Could it be an Reverb bug? because it works fine in echo dot. And I tried several differnet skills with audioplayer, the results are the same,it gots stuck in the second audio stream and refuse to play further.

    Did any one have the same issue and know how to work around?


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