Xiaomi VS Samsung: 9 Reasons I’m Done With Samsung Phones

Since 2012 I’ve only ever used Samsung Smart phones, so why am I switching to a £217 Xiaomi A2 phone from China?

In this video I pit 2 phones against each other: Xiaomi A2 versus S7 edge. The S7 edge still retails at £375 for a new phone (non-refurbished), the A2 is currently £217 at time of writing and beats the S7 edge in almost every category.

I review the features of both the S7 edge and Xiaomi A2 and prove once and for all that we’re paying for a brand name not a phone. Goodbye Samsung.

“Will The Xiaomi A2 work in my county?” “Will The Xiaomi A2 work on my network?”
I am using the Three network and I am able to get 4G, but this depends on your provider. This tool will allow you to search for your country, and then your carrier to determine whether this phone will give you 4G speeds: goo.gl/BFUcE5


Buy a Xiaomi A2: www.gearbest.com/cell-phones/pp_009743121131.html?wid=1101231&lkid=16193615

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