3 Reasons Everyone Is Switching To Sonoff For Alexa And Google Home

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Just how much easier is it to get Sonoff working with Alexa and IFTTT than with Broadlink?… Spoiler alert, it’s a lot easier. Sonoff currently make the cheapest and most reliable and flexible home automation solutions and this is a ‘how to’ video tutorial in typical Paul Hibbert style on how to connect the Sonoff s20 plug socket to both Alexa and to IFTTT in under 4 minutes!!… the Google Home setup is just the same as Alexa and works just as well 🙂

LINKS (I recommend buying through the below links as they are the cheapest I’ve found and are direct through Sonoff, they are more expensive on Amazon and Sonoff have advised there are fakes circulating Ebay!)

Sonoff S20 Plug socket (featured in this video):
Subscriber Discount: 10% off when using coupon code at checkout: 4X7C4N36
Valid until 20/03/2018
UK: amzn.to/2Irtmmn
US: shrsl.com/sph5

Sonoff basic inline switch – Please note this switch does not have an Earth connection and is only suitable for products that don’t require an Earth unless you plan to wire the earth outside of the switch:
UK: amzn.to/2FDQZqS
US: shrsl.com/sphb

Sonoff T1 mains light switch:
UK: amzn.to/2CMOKP2
US: shrsl.com/spha

Sonoff RF bridge (£11.24):
UK: amzn.to/2HRAKal
US: shrsl.com/sph8

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I’m guessing the first question is going to be “What about Infrared Paul?”… Infrared control still only has three real choices at present…

Broadlink Blackbean: amzn.to/2o5IwoK
Logitech Harmony hub: amzn.to/2Glm6GV
Any old phone with an Infrared blaster on it!: youtu.be/YWEyDE8Yg0k

Other product links involved in this video:
Amazon Alexa:
Echo dot: amzn.to/2GiFog6
Echo full speaker: amzn.to/2Gl4QBI

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2 Replies to “3 Reasons Everyone Is Switching To Sonoff For Alexa And Google Home”

  1. Wondering about the Sonoff switch/IFTTT and offsetting sunset times. I presently have Wemos triggering via WeatherUnderground through IFTTT..

    What it won’t do is trigger BEFORE sunset. What’s REALLY annoying is the wife tells Alexa to turn the lights on, you know, MANUALLY.

    Any notions would be appreciated.

    1. Check out stringify, you can write far more complex flow charts that could in turn trigger IFTTT that would in turn trigger the Sonoff stuff! 🙂

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