How to change TV channels with Alexa using the Broadlink skill

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This is a how to tutorial guide in typical Paul Hibbert fashion to show you how you can change TV channels with Alexa using the Broadlink skill to control either a Broadlink RM pro or a Broadlink blackbean. THIS SKILL IS NOT YET AVAILABLE IN THE UK, IF YOU WANT TO ENABLE IT ANYWAY THEN FOLLOW THIS TUTORIAL HERE BUT PLEASE READ THE VIDEO DESCRIPTION FIRST:

If you want to give Broadlink a kicking for keeping us Brits waiting for the skill then come give them hell on Twitter with me on this tweet:

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(channel name : How it should be written in the app)

e4+1: E four plus one
ITV2: ITV two
E4: E four
Channel 5: 5 HD
Gems TV: gems
Channel4: 4 HD
Sky1: Sky one
Dave: Dave

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8 Replies to “How to change TV channels with Alexa using the Broadlink skill”

  1. Hi Paul,

    Fantastic tutorials, I have tried to set-up the IHC app to change channel with Alexa – but the app is telling me i need to update the firmware – is this safe to do?

    i am on v20022 and it wants to give me v20028

    Many thanks


    1. If it’s a Blackbean then updating the firmware should still be fine. If it’s the RM pro then you should still be fine as the official skill is supposed to be able to control TV remotes! 🙂

      1. Thanks for the reply Paul.

        Sorry it is a RM Pro I am using, which is currently working with Alexa and RM Plug-in to operate RF lights – i did not want to lose that functionality by upgrading the firmware. Do you know what firmware you have on your RM pro which operates with the RM plug-in?

        Many thanks

        1. Hello mate, Sorry for the delay!… If you can control RF lights then I wouldn’t risk the firmware update. I don’t trust it at all at the minute! It might be fine, but it’s a heck of a risk considering you’ve got RF working currently.

  2. Hi,i have watched a few of your vids on sorting problems with rm pro and alexa which have helped in the past but i now have one i cannot fix which is that i had trouble adding appliances so tried disabling the skill and now cannot find the skill in the alexa app in iOS so cannot run anything other than my lights on alexa.Ive tried several things ie signing out/in but to no avail and on searching the skill via the internet there doesn’t seem to be one for IHC anymore, have you come across this problem, Thanks ,Andy

    1. Hi Andy,

      Unfortunately in an attempt to become GDPR compliant Broadlink have removed the global skill from the EU Skill store. They have replaced it with an EU skill that interfaces with the IHC EU app. Supposedly the IHC EU app and skill should give you all you need to start over, but unfortunately it won’t carry over your devices from the global version of IHC as they are separate servers.

      I’ve heard a rumour the IHC EU app can’t do RF, I’m hoping to god that isn’t true but I haven’t had time to confirm it for myself yet. I’m hoping to do some testing this weekend.


      1. Have you had a chance to test the RF ? I’ve recently purchased a RM Pro with a view to control RF devices via Alexa, hoping this is possible.

        1. Hi Kevin,

          Assuming you are in the UK…

          Unfortunately Broadlink panicked over the GDPR situation and set up an EU server to host their app, and they added an EU skill to the Alexa store. Shortly after they forced all new customers down this route by removing the Global Alexa skill 🙁

          The problem is they haven’t got it working properly yet. Scenes don’t work, Lamps can’t be trained with RF, and Google Home is completely broken. I have been hounding them daily to fix it, but their social media girl has given up and just given me the email address for the chairman. I have written to him and now have some times scales (a couple weeks)

          In the mean time, there are two options. You can either tell Amazon you have moved to the US, which will give you access to the US Alexa store:,

          …or you can use the old trusty Android method:

          If you move to the US it gives you a blank profile (Your Alexa app will lose all of it’s skills and devices) BUT moving back to the UK takes you back to your UK profile and brings them all back again so there is no downside to trying it out. Sadly you have to remain in the US profile for the Alexa skill to work.

          The only downsides to the US profile are: 1. Amazon music won’t work whilst you’re in that profile. 2. The Kindle store won’t work whilst you’re in that profile.

          If you are a spotify user then just stay in the US and all your problems are solved. I still have mine set to the US at home permanently.

          Hope that helps dude!


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