VPN Explained & Why You Need One

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If you’re asking yourself “what does a VPN do?” then this video will tell you in simple terms exactly what a VPN does, and all the reasons why you need a VPN for Privacy, for unblocking youtube / Netflix and other streaming sites in your region, and for general peace of mind.

Thanks to Ivacy VPN for sponsoring this video, this video also acts as an Ivacy VPN review and discusses Ivacy’s split tunneling and Internet Kill Switch features and their benefits. Similar to ‘hotspot shield’ Ivacy have an app for almost every client: VPN for Android, VPN For Windows 10, VPN for iphone, and even VPN for Firestick!

There are always a reduction in speed when it comes to VPN’s and this video explains why, so if you’re looking for the best VPN supplier then it’s worth noting that Ivacy have won awards for speed. Ivacy are practically the cheapest VPN supplier out there, so if you’re interested please take a look at one of the below links.

English Page:
Chinese Page:
Russian Page:
French Page:
German Page:
Spanish Page:

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