Broadlink EU Alexa And Google Home Fix

The Broadlink RM Pro has been missing functionality ever since GDPR came and ruined RF for use EU users.

If you now install the IHC EU app from the Play Store and the Broadlink EU skill for Alexa, and the Broadlink EU service for Google Home then you’ll find it is now working again!… edit, iOS is still waiting for the updated app as of time of writing, don’t waste time factory resetting etc if you’re an apple user!!

Be aware You may need to factory reset the Broadlink RM pro to get RF working again but once you do you will be able to add RF devices as lamps and select the option to train RF.

Any questions hit me up in the comments.

Thanks to Eryk TV for the heads up!!

What happened to Broadlink in the EU:
Broadlink RF setup guide:

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