New Kodi Amazon Alexa Skill: Best Kodi Addon Ever- July 2018 Tutorial

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The most powerful Kodi addon yet! This is the easiest tutorial so far for how to control Kodi with Alexa. In this guide you will learn how to set up the Kodi Addon and install the Alexa Skill to get the two to talk to each other, it is literally a 5 minute job. I’m using Kodi Exodus, but the skill should work with all versions including those hosted on Firestick, Fire TV, Android box, Raspberry Pi, Kodi box, and any other Operating System that runs Kodi.

This is a beta trial for the Alexa Skill that you can join by contacting Tomas (See the address in the STEPS section below). Once the skill is finished and officially available on the market place then I will update the links but the setup process will be basically the same.

***CORRECTION TO THE VIDEO*** I said that you must use your Amazon details to register on Tomas’ server. The opposite is true, you don’t need to and if you’re concerned about the security of giving your amazon details to a stranger then you should use a different address!

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1. Ask Tomas nicely if you can join his Beta skill 😉 :

2. (03:44) Enable the Beta skill in the Alexa app using the email from Tomas

3. (04:41) Register on Tomas’ server

4. (05:14) Create a device name on Tomas’ server and generate the secret key

5. (06:02) Install the Kodi addon from:

6. (07:06) Configure the Kodi addon with your email address and secret key

7. (07:50) Ensure the skill is enabled at:

8. (08:09) Choose the Echo dot you want to link to the Video skill

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Buy an Echo dot here US:

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