Broadlink RF Setup Guide For Google Home & Alexa App + All Common Fixes

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This is a beginners guide to the Broadlink RM Pro. In this guide you will learn how to set up the Google Home app and the Alexa App to work with IHC to control any RF device that can be controlled via the “Broadlink Smart Home” Alexa skill. Because RF plug sockets and RF light switches are such a cheap alternative to brands like Philips Hue and Wemo this is easily the most affordable way to build a smart home!

Also in this guide are all the common fixes to most problems including the recent GDPR situation that causes Alexa to not find the devices or to resolve the common bug: “the device is not responding”

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3 Replies to “Broadlink RF Setup Guide For Google Home & Alexa App + All Common Fixes”

  1. Hi Paul,

    Love your videos and they’ve helped me out loads..;-)

    I use the Broadlink RM Pro via RM Tasker Lite and an Amazon Echo to control lights, projector etc. Its been working fine for the last 2 years, but recently its become intermittent and mostly wont work. Do I still need RM Tasker Lite to connect the Echo to the RM Pro or can the Broadlink skill do it directly..? Is there an an easier way these days..?



    1. Thanks mate!!, and Sorry for the delay! Yes, the Broadlink skill does work on Alexa directly these days. You just need to marry up the right app to the right skill. If you’re in the EU you need the IHC for EU app, NOT the IHC app. Vice versa if you’re in America. Hope that helps!

      1. Thanks Paul, I’m UK based (in the Peak District), so EU it is. I got my current setup working again, but not sure what changed. Seems flakey to say the least.

        I might bite the bullet and reinstall everything using the IHC EU app.

        Great work with your channel…;-)

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