The One Use For Flic No One Has Thought Of

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The flic smart button can control literally any smart device. It’s totally wireless and can be stuck anywhere which has given me some interesting ideas!

This indepth review of the Flic smart button will tell you everything you need to know in typical Paul Hibbert style. Also included in this video is a quick tutorial on how to use it’s basic functions. In future episodes I will be showing you how you can use it control the Broadlink RM pro and IFTTT

Thanks to Flic for sending me the button to create this review and tutorial.

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When I shot the video it hadn’t crossed my mind that replacing your light switch with a cover plate would require terminating the cables. You can do so easily with terminal block (MAKE SURE YOU ISOLATE THE SWITCH SO YOU DON’T KILL YOURSELF! CONSULT AN ELECTRICIAN IF YOU’RE UNSURE):

If you’re feeling nervous about terminating your cabling then here are two other options that require no wiring at all…

Bulky cover plate but requires no wiring, also leaves the switch in tact in case your button dies:

For the Americans this magnetic switch cover is ideal:

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