Amazon Dash Button 5 Minute Hack (No Coding)

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The Amazon Dash button is a really cool device, but the real fun comes when you connect it to IFTTT…

In this how to video tutorial I will show you in typical Paul Hibbert fashion how to hack the Amazon Dash button to control basically any smart home device that can connect to IFTTT (If this then that) using any Android device. Usually hacking the Dash button requires a Raspberry Pi, but I’ve found an easier way that doesn’t involve any coding.

I’ve also discovered a way to control the Broadlink RM pro with the Amazon Dash button and I will be showing you how in a future video.

This method adds a few seconds of latency to the Raspberry Pi method, but if you don’t own a Raspberry Pi, or you just want a cheap and easy solution then now you can hack the Amazon Dash button without one!

Thanks to Lee Hawke for sending the button and to all you guys for prompting me to do the video!

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