Alexa Welcome home message – A How to guide

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Broadlink have finally released their Global Alexa Skill AND one other REALLY exciting surprise!

***Update I’m hearing reports that this isn’t working I’m Germany or India 🙁 I have contacted Broadlink and they tell me Amazon are still in testing for those languages and will update us again soon.***

Anyone that has been following me knows that Broadlink and I fell out for a while after their latest RM pros started to get locked down, we’ve been in discussion and bridges have been built! In addition to the amazing turnaround mentioned in the video the RM plugin now works across all RM pros too (including RM pro, RM2 RM3, and Rm Pro+) The only issue left to resolve for the RM plugin is that it still doesn’t work on some GEN2 Echos or on the Echo+ The developer assures me this will be resolved soon!

The Broadlink RM pro has been one of the best devices for controlling Infrared and RF devices on a budget and I am pleased to say their key issues are finally resolved.

This method will now work, but you don’t have to trick the TV remote anymore, you can create a lamp and train it with any RF button and Alexa will discover the lamps! :

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