How To Control ANYTHING With A Harmony Hub

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Sometimes your missus forces you to own a remote. Sometimes that remote is deliberately locked down by the manufacturer, I don’t care too much for being told what I can’t control, so this is a simple hack to show you how to control practically any cheap smart home device using the Harmony Hub.

In this how to video tutorial I will show you in typical Paul Hibbert fashion how to control RF and Wifi devices with the Harmony hub and basically any other device that can connect to IFTTT (If this then that) using any Android box that works with the Harmony hub.

In typical Paul Hibbert fashion, You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll probably throw things at your TV.


Join is currently in Beta but is easy to install, just follow the instructions here:

Buy a Harmony hub:

Buy an Android box for this project:

Sonoff S20 Plug socket (featured in this video):

Sonoff basic inline switch – Please note this switch does not have an Earth connection and is only suitable for products that don’t require an Earth unless you plan to wire the earth outside of the switch:

Sonoff T1 mains light switch:

Sonoff RF bridge (£11.24):

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