New Kodi Alexa Skill – Updated Tutorial (2018)

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This is the much anticipated updated how to video tutorial for the Kodi Alexa skill (2018). The skill is much faster than the previous version and all instructions are now fully up to date!

Thanks to Joe Ipson for the code used in this tutorial. I am not a coder and without him this would not be possible.

This skill will not cost you any money unless you use it a hell of a lot! Amazon’s developer portal and AWS platform will need you to sign up with a credit card because there is a potential for you to exceed their free usage tier if you hammered this skill all day every day. The maximum charge would be $0.20 per month. Get over it 😉

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Setting Kodi up: 01:38
Setting up your router for port forwarding: 03:11
What if my IP changes? (You need a static IP): 07:14
Configuring AWS: 09:07
Uploading the code to AWS: 11:34
Connecting the bucket of stuff to Alexa (Creating the skill): 20:02
Using streams instead of local files: 24:59

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Link 2:
Link 3:

Code 1: C:\Python27\Scripts\pip.exe install awscli
Code 2: C:\Python27\Scripts\aws configure
Code 3: C:\Python27\Scripts\pip.exe install virtualenv
Code 4: C:\Python27\Scripts\virtualenv venv
Code 5: venv\Scripts\activate.bat
Code 6: pip install -r requirements.txt
Code 7: pip install packaging
Code 8: pip install zappa
Code 9: zappa init
Code 10: zappa deploy dev
Code 11: python

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