Turn your old phone into a Harmony hub!

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This is a ‘how to’ tutorial guide on how to control your TV, Set top box, AV reciever and pretty much any Infrared device using Alexa and any old phone with an Infrared sender. This is a cheap alternative to buying a Harmony hub.

In this tutorial I’ve repurposed my Samsung Galaxy S5 to blast Infrared by simply enabling the Anymote skill on Alexa and installing Anymote on my upcycled phone. This tutorial will work with any phone with an Infrared eye

Before any Harmony Hub owners bash me in the comments, I fully appreciate the Harmony hub is a more slick solution, but this solution could save you Β£50 if you have a phone sat in a drawer! If you already own a Harmony hub, then this could be a cheap way to add the functionality to another room! πŸ™‚

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2 Replies to “Turn your old phone into a Harmony hub!”

  1. Hi Paul.

    Firstly Thank you for all your videos and hard work. Great effort.

    There are numerous solution for controlling or devices in a single room via alexa. I have a harmony hub but the alexa apps only recognise 1 hub. I cannot get an RM2 for love nor money but am aware that broadlink have now said the UK skill be out in the next week!!!

    I am looking for a multi room solution to control it devices in more than just one roΓ²m. The harmony skill only let’s you use 1 hub. The broadlink skill only tv’s (I doubt it will have the ability to control black beans seperately) do you know of any solution for multi room or control.

    Many Thanks


    1. Hi mate,

      You’ll be glad to know you can use as many blackbeans as you like under the one account and label them independently, which means they can be called by Alexa independently. I use mine to control Projector, set top box, and AV receiver in the living room and another one in the bedroom controlling a similar number of devices and Alexa just recognises the individual device names “Bedroom projector”, “Living room projector” etc.

      This will only work via the IHC method though which means you’ll need to use their official skill which is currently only available in America. There are rumours it will be available globally literally tomorrow, but I’ve heard that before. We’ve been waiting a while πŸ˜‰



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