Control practically anything with Google home and Broadlink

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This is a how to tutorial guide in typical Paul Hibbert fashion to show you how you can control the Broadlink RM pro or a Broadlink blackbean with Google home to switch RF devices on and off. No IFTTT required! Please note that this service can also switch Infrared devices such as TV’s, Xbox, and AV equipment on and off by tricking the Google home into thinking they are lamps! This is NOT a complete solution for controlling televisions!

I am still recommending that Alexa users hold off on buying an RM pro until Broadlink resolve their issues, but if you’re a google home user looking to switch RF and Infrared devices on and off then this tutorial is for you. Find out more here:

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4 Replies to “Control practically anything with Google home and Broadlink”

  1. Something is wrong with Broadlink ihc app. When i try to add devices, it says no permission. This happened since april 24 app update. Did it happen to you? What are the workarounds?

  2. Just a quick one. Slight issue with using the ‘everything is a lamp’ hack…
    If google home thinks it’s a lamp, then it tries to get clever and links it to things that are actually lamps, groups them togetehr and makes it a real pain in the bum to turn them on and off individually (which is a pain when one is a lamp but the other is an amplifier)

    1. Hey dude,

      I think the only workaround is to create dummy rooms in the google home app and put your non-lamp lamps in a dummy room away from your other stuff, that way if you say switch “living room lights off” the fake lamps are in a different room and aren’t triggered. All that said I heard a rumour that “user define” remotes were now being advertised to Alexa so worth seeing if they’re also being advertised to Google Home. Failing that I think Google Home also discovers scenes. You could create a scene in IHC for switching each individual device on and a scene for switching each individual device off. I can’t remember what phrasing you have to use to call the scenes up though, something like “initialise amplifier on” and “initialise amplifier off”.

      Hope one of those methods sorts it for you dude.


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