Vobot Alexa powered Clock review and unboxing

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An unboxing and review of the Alexa powered Vobot Alarm clock.

At time of writing the app is buggy and doesn’t give you a wifi password screen to sync it to your wifi network and unfortunately for me I tried everything, including using a browser on my laptop before finally returning to my Android and using the browser there.

If you can’t connect Vobot to your Wifi network then do the following…
Power up the Vobot until it is fully booted
Open Google Chrome on your android device and visit myvobot.com.
Follow the instructions the same as you did in the app.
This time it will work instead of making you want to launch it into space.

Vobot: amzn.to/2yOiAAV
Broadlink RM pro: amzn.to/2fBFyrg
Buy an Echo dot here: goo.gl/9C2fG1
Buy compatible RF plug sockets here: amzn.to/2ftUeoJ
Buy a compatible RF dimmer here: amzn.to/2fBKlZD

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