How to enable Alexa calling feature and US skills in the UK and EU

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How to enable Alexa calling feature
How to enable any Amazon Alexa skill in the UK and EU
How to enable the Broadlink skill in the UK

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14 Replies to “How to enable Alexa calling feature and US skills in the UK and EU”

  1. Looks like Amazon have seen you video! I tried (using a family member’s address) and got this response!
    “We could not transfer your Kindle account to at this time.
    Shop in Kindle Store
    For further assistance, you may contact Kindle Customer Service:
    phone: Within UK: 0800 496 2449 (toll-free)
    Outside UK: +1-206-266-0927 (charges will apply)”

    1. Hi John,

      Sounds like a temporary issue at Amazon’s end. I’ve seen others achieve it successfully since. Give it another go! 🙂

  2. Interestingly for me it worked but of course I lost my UK skills for alexa. Once I changed back to UK to get my skills back although I lost the US skills I wanted it left the chat option as working on mine. Shame I dont need that and really wanted the US skills to remain.

    1. Shame. Most skill in the UK exist in the US, but I know some people were in the same situation as you. I guess it depends what you use Alexa for.

      1. Indeed. We will just have to hope that the UK catches up to the US with the more important ones soon enough and visa versa. Thanks for the help though.

  3. I was able to move my account and get everything except RF plug adapters.also when I put it back to UK I couldn’t play music until I returned the Kindle to UK so it would have just been used to operate the TV etc .was I doing something wrong

        1. Sadly the only choice at the minute is to wait for them to release the official skill and hope that it comes with RF. The one in the states is still just IR only and they’ve blocked my other workaround too. I’m looking at alternative hardware as Broadlink are driving me round the bend with all the restrictions.

          The other option is Google home. The skill they’ve released for Google can do RF officially and IR by tricking it:



  4. Is there a limit to changing your amazon account? ……. I changed to America, changed back to uk just to make sure……. But now it won’t allow me to go back to America again … Just getting the message ‘
    There was an error processing your request. Please try again.’

    1. Hey dude. Nope, I’ve done it over and over and over.

      Sounds like a temporary issue at Amazon’s end. Give it some time and try again.



      1. I tried it after watching your video and it worked a treat. It did however, lose my alexa routines in the app. (Still active in the device) On changing back to UK tho, i lost BBC radio stations and my ability to do play audible audiobooks for a while. Finally resolved itself and they came back, but then i lost the USA based Skill that i was after in the first place. 🙁

        1. Yeah, unfortunately the Amazon skills store is tied to the Kindle portion of their network I think. When you move the kindle store abroad you get a US profile and a clean slate, but you leave behind the UK Kindle store and anything else associated with it including Amazon Music and a few other things. Returning the Kindle store to the UK returns you to your UK profile and everything that was associated with it re-appears. It’s the only drawback. As a Spotify user I am totally unaffected as I don’t use any of the associated services. It is possible of course to have more than one echo and more than one account, so if you only needed the US services in the kitchen, but needed the UK services in the living room you could have one echo on your UK profile and on one your US profile!

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