Play any music on Alexa for free – YouTube streaming skill Tutorial

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This video will show you a free alternative to Spotify and Amazon Music by setting up an unofficial skill that will allow you to stream YouTube audio to Alexa for free.

This skill will stream approximately 15-18 hours per month of youtube audio within the free tier of AWS. Each additonal 15-18 hours per month will cost approx $0.09

The skill will try and stop you from going beyond the free limits unless you specifically ask the skill to increase the data limit by saying:- “Alexa, ask youtube to increase the data limit”

You will then need to give the authorisation code which is:- ZERO ZERO ZERO DESTRUCT ZERO

The first 1 Gigabyte of data transfer per month is free, after which Amazon will charge $0.09 per GB.

Request a particular video: “Alexa, ask youtube to play ‘Charley bit my finger'”
Request an auto generated playlist of 25 results: – “Alexa ask Youtube to play SOME David Bowie”
Request a particular track from the playlist: “Alexa, ask Youtube to play Track 10”
Skip to the next/previous track:- “Alexa, next/ previous track”
Pause:- “Alexa pause” or “Alexa stop”
Resume playback:- “Alexa resume”
Find out what is playing by asking “Alexa ask Youtube what’s playing” – this will also tell you your data usage
Turn Autoplay of the next video on/off:- “Alexa turn autoplay on/off”
Loop the current playlist:- “Alexa Loop On/Off”
Shuffle mode On/Off:- “Alexa shuffle On/Off”
Start the track currently playing fromt he beginning:- “Alexa Start Over”
Get a list of these commands in the Alexa app: – “Alexa ask Youtube for help”
Increase the data limit (this will allow the skill to incur data charges from AWS):- “Alexa, ask youtube to increase the data limit”
Reset the data limit to default of 1000MB:- “Alexa, ask youtube to reset the data limit”

Link 1:
Link 2:
Link 3:
Link 4:
Link 5:

Code 1:
“intents”: [
“intent”: “AMAZON.ResumeIntent”
“intent”: “AMAZON.PauseIntent”
“intent”: “AMAZON.StopIntent”
“intent”: “AMAZON.NextIntent”
“intent”: “AMAZON.CancelIntent”
“intent”: “AMAZON.LoopOffIntent”
“intent”: “AMAZON.LoopOnIntent”
“intent”: “AMAZON.PreviousIntent”
“intent”: “AMAZON.RepeatIntent”
“intent”: “AMAZON.ShuffleOffIntent”
“intent”: “AMAZON.ShuffleOnIntent”
“intent”: “AMAZON.StartOverIntent”
“intent”: “AMAZON.HelpIntent”
“slots”: [
“name”: “search”,
“type”: “SEARCH”
“intent”: “SearchIntent”
“slots”: [
“name”: “number”,
“intent”: “NumberIntent”
“intent”: “NowPlayingIntent”
“intent”: “AutoOn”
“intent”: “AutoOff”
“intent”: “DestructCode”
“intent”: “RaiseLimit”
“intent”: “ResetLimit”

Code 2:
the fray
the rolling stones
toad the wet sproket
KC and the sunshine band
john travolta and olivia newton john
DJ jazzy jeff and the fresh prince
hello dolly
love me tender
fools gold
roberta flack killing me softly with his song
stevie wonder superstition
full circle
let me be your fantasy
pop will eat itself
ultra nate
4 hours Peaceful and Relaxing Instrumental Music

Code 3:
SearchIntent play {search}
SearchIntent find {search}
SearchIntent play some {search}
SearchIntent play me some {search}
SearchIntent videos by {search}
SearchIntent for videos by {search}
SearchIntent for music by {search}
NumberIntent {number}
NumberIntent play number {number}
NumberIntent play track {number}
NumberIntent play track number {number}
NowPlayingIntent what’s playing
NowPlayingIntent what song is this
NowPlayingIntent what is this
NowPlayingIntent what song is playing
NowPlayingIntent what’s this song
AutoOn turn autoplay on
AutoOn autoplay on
AutoOff turn autoplay off
AutoOff autoplay off
DestructCode zero zero zero destruct zero
RaiseLimit increase the data limit
RaiseLimit raise the data limit
RaiseLimit raise the limit
ResetLimit reset the data limit
ResetLimit reset the limit


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8 Replies to “Play any music on Alexa for free – YouTube streaming skill Tutorial”

  1. Hey Paul –

    I got all the way to the end, but then when I tried to save the info on the intent schema page, I got an error message than said: Error: Your Intent Schema JSON input is not formed correctly. Please review the Alexa Skills Kit Interaction Model Reference document and the Defining the Voice Interface document for help on structuring your input.

    When I went to the first box, there is an “X” on line one, with a message that says:

    Parse error on Line 1:
    {“intents”: [{“inte
    Expecting ‘STRING’, ‘}’, got ‘undefined’

    I’m certain that everything was cut and pasted correctly, as I tried it several times.

    Did I make an error somewhere else?

  2. Hi Paul, Great skill and great presentation of it online. I’ve been using effectively for ~3 week, unfortunately, appears to have ceased working in the last few days. Noticed some similar comments on the youtube tutorial responses recently also…just wondering if you might now what was up or if it can be repaired…? Thanks and regards,

    1. The Developer is looking at it. I suspect from the brief chat that I had with him that it’s going to be a fairly manual fix 🙁

    1. Hey mate,

      Visit the video on youtube and take a look at the pinned comment, it should hopefully help you past that bit.



    1. Just waiting on the developer to make an updated version dude. Hopefully not too long now, I think he had a setback when Amazon changed their interface recently.


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