Broadlink s1 Smart home alarm review and tutorial

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This is a review and tutorial for the Broadlink S1. This smart home alarm system will notify you when you are out of the house if motion is detected via the IR sensor or if the door sensor is separated for less than £50.

If you add an RM Pro then you can also automate tasks such as turning lights on. You can even use Alexa to set the alarm or turn the alarm off using your voice using an android device and the RM plugin.

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4 Replies to “Broadlink s1 Smart home alarm review and tutorial”

  1. Hey

    I have an iPhone and the push notifications don’t come through when anything happens.

    I have turned them on in the settings and still nothing

    Can you help?

    1. Hey bud,

      Sorry to hear that, I’ve never used an Iphone so it’s difficult for me to support. Try giving Broadlink a shout directly, their English isn’t great but they are really helpful!



  2. Hi,

    I just bought Broadlink S1 Alarm system and I already have at home Alexa and Braodlink RM Pro. Is It possible to control S1 with Alexa? I can not find S1 on the devices´s list through Alexa.

    Thank you

    1. Hey dude, you’ll need to ask Broadlink about that. I think their IHC app is still way behind where it should be! When I used it I was using Econtrol

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