Alexa and RM Pro General use tutorial
This is an instructional video to show you how to fool Alexa into controlling Infrared devices such as TV’s, and RF devices such as lights and plug sockets without spending lost of money on LightwaveRF or Philips Hue lamps. Buy a Broadlink RM Pro and control practically anything!
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2 Replies to “Alexa and RM Pro General use tutorial”

  1. Hello, I have revived a rm pro today and I am having problems connecting it to my e-control app, do you have any tips that may help.
    Thank you angus fleming.

    1. Hi mate,

      Make sure both devices are connected to the same 2Ghz wifi network. If your phone is connected to 5Ghz wifi then you won’t be able to connect.

      Press the reset button with a pin on the RM pro before trying again.

      Hope that helps!


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