Alexa and Kodi tutorial

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This is a Tutorial to show you how to control Kodi using Alexa. You can ask Alexa to play the latest episodes of your favourite shows amongst other cool voice shortcuts. For a full demo see my previous video:

My tutorial is created from the instructions provided by How to Geek which you can find here if you prefer:

Thanks to Joe Ipson for the code used in this tutorial. I am not a coder and without him this wouldn’t be possible.

Below is a brief overview of the guide with links to the chapters in my video:

1. Explanation as to how all this works: 01:09

2. Setting Kodi up to respond to requests: 02:19

3. Setting up Port forwarding: 03:09

4. Installing Python 2.7.13 and Notepad++ 06:46

5. Creating a user and a role on Amazon’s AWS platform 08:00

6. An explanation of dynamic IP addresses and Dynu: 13:30

7. Creating the Alexa skill 18:55

All you need is an RM pro for around £30 and my guide will show you how to link Alexa to your receiver.

Alexa Kodi tutorial – controlling Kodi streams

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This is an update to my Kodi-Alexa tutorial to show you how you can add streaming services to the Kodi library and in turn load your favourite shows and movies by speaking to Alexa.

This tutorial uses Salts to add the items to your library. Once complete you can follow my original tutorial (above)

In no way do I condone piracy. This video is for educational purposes only.

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3 Replies to “Alexa and Kodi tutorial”

  1. Hi Paul, I’ve been using the Tomas Kislan add-on for Kodi-Alexa for quite a while with no problems, I’ve had an email from Tomas saying it’s finished now, do you know of any other way to control Kodi with Alexa, I am using an android box with Broadlink pro, for everything else
    Thanks Trevor

    1. Yes, but it’s a horrible process. This video is a little out of date, the instruction are still accurate but Amazon have dramatically changed a lot of the setup screens, so be prepared for hell on earth: The chap who made the skill has also made an updated version and the setup instructions are contained there and probably more up to date, might be easier to follow the guide in his github here (though possibly not as I seem to remember his instructions being tough to follow and had a fair amount of assumed knowledge). I would start by trying to follow his instructions and then watch my video to see if it sheds any light on any missing bits of required knowledge:

      1. Thanks Paul, I did start that process, agreed it is hard, the odd thing is I’ve still got the Kislan one running on a Firestick there’s no way to clone that or copy it I suppose? Thanks anyway for your great videos they really help this pensioner and ex drummer from the sixties .

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